Ancestors of Sonja Lissie Parsons

Søren Nielsen’s Lifesaving Medal

Søren Winther Nielsen (1876 - 1932) was the father of Anna Johanna Nielsen and was a great-grandfather of the present author. His grandaughter Lissie married Frank Edward Parsons, a British officer of the Royal Navy, who was descended from the English Parsons family of Southampton, Somerset and Dorset, and thus provided a link between this Danish Nielsen family and the familes which are the main subjects of these web pages.

Søren was born in Copenhagen but spent the early part of his married life in Hjortespring where he was a market gardener at a smallholding called Mosedal. Hjortespring is now a suburb in the north western part of Copenhagen but when Søren lived there it was still a rural area.

The market garden had been bought by Søren’s family to enable him to earn a living because he suffered from asthma which would have prevented him from taking up a more demanding profession. Despite his illness Søren managed to save a man from drowning and did so in circumstances which put his own life at risk. The man was one of two keen anglers from Copenhagen who had rented the right to fish in the ponds on Mosedal’s land. The incident led to Søren being awarded a lifesaving medal — Medaljen for druknede redning — by the then King of Denmark, King Frederick VIII who reigned from 1906 to 1912.

Søren’s medal is shown below.

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